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Providing the diagnostic tools and platform to ascertain the performance of individuals in the workplace, Headspace work in consultation with your team to develop a fully tailored coaching and training solution that will accurately measure behaviour, timelines and outcomes for all staff.

Headspace Behavioural Science can empower you to increase productivity while reducing both absenteeism and “presenteeism” –  a concept describing unengaged and unproductive team members. Current research suggests that the incidence of “presenteeism” costs Australian industry up to $33 billion a year.


Drive your business with a motivational keynote presentation to staff and clients. With over 35 years in management and an illustrious working relationship with a selection of Fortune 500 companies Tony Farugia empowers corporations and businesses Australia wide, sharing real life series with practical advise to influence the most hardened professional.


Developed to empower individuals to exceed their potential, the Belbin profiling methodology assists organisations in unearthing high performing team members while recognising the 9 behaviours often displayed in the working environment.

Collaboration is critical in todays VUCA world Volitile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. It will determine exceptional customer experiences by utilising the most suited individual helped by Belbin.


Revolutionise your work place environment with Australia’s only accredited Behavioural Science Systems facilitator, Headspace Behavioural Science.


Fully accredited in the facilitation of the Neethling Brain Instrument. Empowering your staff to make decisions that positively impact their performance.