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The Behavioural Science Systems (“BSS”) process is the scientific keystone of Headspace Behavioural Science. The BSS system has been developed over the course of 40 years, by Professor Robin Stuart-Kotze. It is 99.2% accurate.

The BSS has been validated at the London School of Economics and is a scientific method that provides metrics in the identification of more than 450 specific behavioural actions. The BSS:

• identifies and quantifies specific actions that both the individual and the team will deploy in order to drive performance and results;
• highlights actions that both “accelerate” and “sustain” – alongside behaviours that negatively “hinder” performance and productivity

With the BSS, the behaviour is solely responsible for driving performance. Professor Stuart-Kotze best put it as “it’s what you DO that matters, not what or who you are”.

Headspace Behavioural Science is the only BSS representative and facilitator in the Australasian region.

How the BSS Process is Used

The BSS behavioural profiling complements personality profiling and reveals differing staff drivers and pain points.

As part of the BSS process, individuals at all organisational levels are asked a number of questions. The aim of the BSS process is to determine:

how are people’s actions aligned with an organisation’s key objectives?;

to what degree are people adapting their behaviour in response to market forces, competition, technology changes, or new direction of culture required for organisational success?;

what behaviour differentiates A-level performers from C-level performers?;

what do staff need to do differently to improve their results?.

Once the surveys are complete, the behavioural metrics are collated. The individual thumbprint of a business and its staff are then identified and subsequent customised coaching programs can then be implemented.