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Invest in the future of your business with personality and behavioural profiling from Australia’s representative for Behavioural Science Systems, Headspace Training. Call Tony Farugia for a personalised consultation on 0458 888 756 or email  today.

The Principal of Headspace Behavioural Science

Headspace Behavioural Science principal Tony Farugia boasts over 35 years in sales management, traversing the globe from the United Kingdom to Brisbane, forging a formidable reputation as a leadership speaker and high performing coach that motivates and inspires.

From management positions with British Airways in both London and Sydney, to Virgin Atlantic Airways as Sales Manager for London and Southern England. From Delta Airlines (as UK Sales Manager) to Telstra, Tony’s skill and expertise has resulted in him featuring in a BBC documentary “Mission to Sell” all of which has helped to establish his high profile amongst the corporate world both in the UK and Australia.

  • Tony joined Telstra in 2000 as a Senior Account Executive having emigrated to Brisbane from the UK
  • Tony became Telstra Account Director for the Enterprise and Large Corporate team in 2004 SE QLD
  • Headspace Behavioural Science evolved

Headspace-About-Us-3Accumulating a wealth of knowledge in the study and practice of the art of influencing and persuading clients and staff, Tony decided to empower others with his wealth of experience and has become a keynote speaker renowned for his motivational and thought provoking talks across Australasia. Fusing real life stories with “working techniques”, he is now channelling all energy into Headspace Behavioural Science as a full-time presenter, trainer and leadership coach alongside his principal duties. Having achieved certification with a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Tony is fully accredited in the facilitation of Belbin, Neethling Brain Instruments and the Behavioural Science Systems (Australian representative) methodologies. All developed to complement each other in order to identify performance and support increased productivity across the work force.


Richard Turner at Headspace behavioural Science

Reap The Rewards of Effective Business & Sales Coaching

Coaching and mentoring programmes developed to complement the results of  behavioural profiling. Maximise workplace performance while fostering a sense of self development and ownership in the corporate environment. Contact Richard Turner for a personalised consultation on 0438 467 168 or email  today.

Richard Turner

Richard Turner provides Business and Sales Coaching. As a sales coach, he leverages his depth of sales knowledge to motivate, educate and inspire executives to achieve a higher level of success, both professionally and personally. Richard’s coaching style is collaborative, supportive, engaging, positive and thought provoking. Clients reap the rewards of more relevant sales and client conversions, producing increased sales opportunities, with better informed clients, greater confidence in your relationship building skills will produce better sales results. 


  • Sales leadership and individual sales coaching.
  • Inspire change through understanding client’s needs.
  • Coaching in Territory Planning, Account Planning.
  • Coaching Value Based Selling Methodology.


Richard is a proven top sales performer for two of the largest Telecommunication providers in Australia, with 19 years of sales experience in a demanding and competitive market.

He is self-motivated, a results-driven problem solver who possesses excellent sales and negotiation skills.  Utilising his extensive business experience by anticipating and capitalising on market trends, he can identify profit potential opportunities to maximise market share. “By developing positive client rapport, establishing solid, lasting business relationships these attributes will separate the exceptional from the good”.


  • Developed 18 Key Account Representatives including their 3 Sales leaders supporting 540 SMB’s worth $40M in sales.
  • Introduced a corporate wide quality improvement initiative, targeting Sales and Marketing divisions focusing on incentive programs.
  • Provided Sales development, territory management Planning.
  • Oversaw the scheduling and coordinating of sales activities between Sales and Support areas to better collaborate and improve the customer experience.
  • Spearheaded and developed sales coaching tools for implementation to managers and account executives increasing sales pipeline.
  • Successfully deployed New Sales Methodology Program with Telstra in SE Qld 2014.
  • Introduced an On Boarding Program for New Account Executives.

Headspace Training will:

  • Explain “Why” people act a certain way in any given situation, then measure the “Behaviour” which produces the resulting “Performance
  • Develop customised coaching and training programmes that offer measurable outcomes and timelines
  • Collate through diagnostics specific data that corresponds to behaviours which may “Accelerate” or “Sustain” performance, while revealing “Hindering” behaviours that may negatively impact productivity and ROI
  • Empower leaders and management to develop organisational perspective and create a tangible relationship between employee engagement and customer engagement
  • Establish coaching to ensure team focus, while identifying strong and weak performances
  • Enable individuals to self-identify weaknesses and strengths and to think creatively and react intuitively
  • Create industry specific KPI’s and KBI’s to be implemented and enacted
  • Provide regular informed feedback and coaching specific to business need that is execution focused
  • Reveal untapped potential within your work force to deliver unique value propositions to all stakeholders

Headspace Behavioural Science the Professional Profiling Specialists

Are your employees engaged? Is your workplace environment fostering a committed and empowered work force? Deloitte’s recent “Human Capital Trends Report 2016” documents only 28% of organisations have an informed understanding of their culture. At Headspace Behavioural Science we recognise that a company’s brand and culture are inextricably linked, and employee engagement, productivity and efficiency are all vital components to the success of every organisation.

Fully accredited in the facilitation of the Belbin Profiling, The Neethling Brain Instrument and Behavioural Science Systems methodologies, Headspace Behavioural Science enable clients to navigate the complexities of their work force, reveal competitive advantage in order to drive an agile, innovative organisation forward.

Providing the diagnostic tools and platform to ascertain the performance of individuals in the workplace, Headspace work in consultation with your team to develop a fully tailored coaching and training solution that will accurately measure behaviour, timelines and outcomes for all staff.

Headspace Behavioural Science can empower you to increase productivity while reducing both absenteeism and “presenteeism” –  a concept describing unengaged and unproductive team members. Current research suggests that the incidence of “presenteeism” costs Australian industry up to $33 billion a year.

“It’s tailored training to meet specific needs identified through proven scientific diagnostic tools”