“Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.”Timothy R. Clark

Have you asked yourself, what is the core purpose of your organisation? Are the goals of your company articulated? Are your employees engaged and rallying around company goals? Are you experiencing higher rates of absenteeism and lower retention rates? Is your workforce engaged and aligned?

Great companies invest, they build and sustain a culture of engagement at every level, successfully fusing business and talent strategies and fostering a tangible commitment to developing an engaged workforce. An engaged employee will be proactive in discretionary effort, they will cultivate an emotional commitment to the company and align their beliefs and aspirations with that of the organisation. The financial implications of a workforce that is appraised and developed in a transparent way is significant, your future growth could depend on it.

At Headspace Behavioural Science we will provide you with the expertise to put the human back into your HR and wave goodbye to “workplace malaise” – a disengagement that is currently losing Australian companies $54.8 billion* in productivity each year. So how does an engaged workforce drive investment and ROI, let’s take a look at the Engagement Profit Chain**

Engaged Employees lead to…

  • Higher service, quality and productivity, which leads to…
  • Higher customer satisfaction, which leads to…
  • Increased sales (repeat business and referrals) which leads to…
  • Higher levels of profit, which leads to…
  • Higher shareholder returns (stock price)

An Australian Gallup study of employee engagement found that:

  • 24% of Australians consider themselves actively engaged with their job
  • 60% are not engaged
  • 14% are actively disengaged

So what’s an entrepreneurial manager to do? With leadership playing the most significant role in influencing engagement among team members who report directly to them, it is a worrying statistic for businesses and organisations that according to Gallup only 19% of management surveyed, displayed a committed interest to their role. Disengagement at this level of seniority is destructive to the future viability of your business.

True leadership is recognising and enabling the inherent potential in others, encouraging employees to be their authentic selves. It’s time to transform the disengaged and stimulate today’s employees – this workforce is diverse, it is younger, and it bursting with Millennial ready for engagement. As Campbell’s Soup former CEO, Doug Savant famously said “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace”.

Want to learn how to leverage the strengths and abilities of your team, talk to Tony Farugia of Headspace Behavioural Science on 0458 888 756 or email: info@headspacebehaviouralscience.com.au for consultation.


** Kevin Kruse author of the bestselling book, Employee Engagement 2.0.